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Monteverdi, 1610, Magnificat (Primo),

Henry Purcell, 1688, When I am laid in earth (Dido's Lament) from Dido and Aeneas,

Johann Pachelbel, 1680?, Canon and Gigue for 3 violins and basso continuo (The Canon in D), This is an authentic version with period instruments and a small group of players. Do also try the modern version with full orchestra. I could not easily decide which to go for. But this version is very nicely played.

Pachelbel's Canon has been plundered and re-interpreted perhaps more than any other piece of classical music with the exception of Bach's Ayre on the G String. Here's a version I like, arranged and played by Zander Zon on a piccolo stringed electric bass guitar,

Antonio Vivaldi, 1723, The Four Seasons - this is Nigel Kennedy's idiosyncratic take on the piece...,

George Frideric Handel, 1711, "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Rinaldo Lovely song, though I can't claim to know the opera,

George Frideric Handel, 1717, The Water Music This version is from the 2012 Proms. It has the Music for the Royal Fireworks tacked on the end. There is also a BBC introduction to the music which is played here on rigorously contemporary instruments. Those used to hearing The Water Music on modern instruments will be surprised at the difference in sound. The music begins at 3:49.

George Frideric Handel, 1742, The Messiah This is the whole thing, so you'll need plenty of time (2 hours 38 minutes in fact). This is a version by King's College Choir, and hence perhaps closer to the original intention than many modern renditions, the voices being male (men and boys) apart from the soprano and contralto solo parts.

George Frideric Handel, 1749, Music for the Royal Fireworks. Love the conductor. Period wind instruments (some weird & wonderful)...and a timpani solo! Rock on, George.

Domenico Scarlatti, 1733 or 1738?, Harpsichord/Pianoforte Sonata L33 B minor (K87, P43),

Here is Horowitz again with two Scarlattis sonatas, in E (K380) and in G (which?)

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