Spatial Entanglement of Free Boson Systems

This page contains a number of links to my material on quantum entanglement, on which I worked in 2008. The first pair of links are to the preprints of papers quantifying the spatial entanglement of formation in mixed states of non-interacting, massive bosons. The remaining links help explain what this means!

The first of these other links is a detailed account of how the states of a scalar field can be expressed in terms of the occupation number of spatial lattice sites. This explains the "spatial" bit. The next link defines what quantum entanglement is and how it can be quantified, for both pure and mixed quantum states. The next link is to my tutorial on quantum mechanics, which gives the whole background formulation, including what is meant by pure and mixed states.

Shorter version of the paper here; Longer version of the paper here

Link to my notes on the formulation of a scalar field in terms of position states here

Link to my notes on the definition and quantification of quantum state entanglement here

Link to my Quantum Mechanics Tutorial page

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