Climate Change Investigations

We are given to understand that anthropogenic carbon-dioxide emissions will lead to increases in global temperatures, with potentially catastrophic consequences. But is this true? Below are links to my own investigations into the issue,

1) My brief review of measured global average temperature data is here. Yes, global averaged temperatures have been increasing.

2) CO2 levels in the atmosphere are increasing, and will be double the pre-industrial level by about 2060 to 2080 if current trends continue. I have produced my own simple model which agrees with the claim that the CO2 increases are likely to be anthropogenic: see here.

3) The standard claim is that CO2 is causing the global average temperature to rise. We are told "the science is settled". But it isn't: see here.

4) However, the IPCC climate models are stable, see here.

5) Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: are they getting more severe or more frequent? No - see here.

6) My analysis of changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice is here. Is the ice disappearing? Not in the southern hemisphere, and not as dramatically as you have been led to believe in the north either, though there is some reduction.

7) Is the rise in global averaged sea level due to CO2? I address the question here. Mostly, no.

8) Is Climate Change to blame for the recent Australian bush fires? I think not, as there is no statistically significant trend in Australian bush fires over the last 19 years, as shown here. (There is likely a link with El Nino, but that I have not examined closely)

9) Ice Core Data: Do temperature changes associated with ice ages, or their termination, precede changes in CO2? Yes - and be wary of what the BBC tell you - see this.

10) Tide heights and tidal ranges in central London increased through the 20th century - but this was not related to global warming or CO2 emissions because they also increased, and probably faster, in the 19th century: see this review of the data.

Read the Climate Change Facts(needs critical re-appraisal - watch this space)

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