Rick's Cosmology Tutorial: Chapter 3 Abstract

The Time-Temperature Relationship in the Early Universe

Explicit expressions are derived for the temperature in the early, radiation dominated, universe in terms of time. The temperature in this era is inversely proportional to the square-root of time. Consequently, the temperature is singular at the Big Bang. The relationship between temperature and the size scale of the universe is also derived.

Limitations: For the temperature-time relation in the matter dominated era see Chapter 4.

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SN 1604 (Kepler's Supernova, Type 1a, constellation Ophiuchus). Last observed supernova in our galaxy. False colour key: Blue = X-ray (4-6 keV), Green = X-ray (0.3-1.4 keV), Yellow = Optical, Red = Infrared [Chandra X-Ray Observatory, NASA, plus Hubble (visible) and Spitzer (infrared)]