Rick's Critique of the Cosmic Coincidences

The bulk of the "Critique of the Cosmic Coincidences" is accessed as downloadable pdf files (Chapters). To return to my web pages from a pdf click 'back' on your browser.

The links below form a guide to the contents by giving an abstract for each downloadable Chapter.

Detailed calculations are included in many of the Chapters. They are separated off from the main discussion as "Track 2", distinguished by brown text. The main (Track 1) text in black font is suitable for a general readership. Track 2 requires knowledge of physics at an undergraduate level or higher

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An "analemma" is the locus of points made by plotting the position of the Sun at the same time every day over the course of a year. It makes a figure-of-eight pattern. At winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is at the bottom of the analemma. By choosing different times of day or different latitudes, analemmas of different shapes are obtained. This particular analemma includes a total eclipse (Turkey, 2006 March 29. Venus was also visible during totality, toward the lower right). [Credit: Cenk E.Tezel and TunÁ Tezel(TWAN)]

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