Rick's Three Trapped Tigers Special

Below is a collection of YouTube links for the Three Trapped Tigers and solo spots by the band members. The band is,

Tom Rogerson - Piano, keyboards / Adam Betts - Drums, electronics / Matt Calvert - Guitar, synths, electronics.

Their output is far from prodigious. Between 2007 and the present (writing at March 2013) their oeuvre consists of three EPs, collected into a single CD in 2012 ("Numbers 1-13") and one album in 2011 ("Route One or Die"). Since the sixties classical music and the more experimental end of non-classical music (for which I have no word) have been converging. The classical side has been moving our way - moving, that is, towards the "people's music" (that's the term I'll use, for want of any other) with the work of Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Henryk Gorecki and John Tavener. Perhaps the Tigers are a move in the reverse direction: the people assimilate the classical. The great clatter of drums belies some great themes and a considerable seriousness of intent, and the classical training to go with it.

Here's a warm up for you. This is Tom Rogerson giving an impromptu performance on the Millenium Bridge street piano. What he's playing is a variation on the theme from Cramm off "Route One or Die". Is this guy Debussy reincarnated, or what?

TTT's live performances are rather dominated by the impressively energetic, machine-gun drumming of Adam Betts. Here's Adam Betts playing his own drum track to Reset from "Route One or Die", with the instrumental parts playing in the studio...

This is the whole band performing No.11 off "Numbers 1 to 13" (or the third EP, if you prefer)...

And here's No.1...

...and this is Creepies off "Route One or Die"...

You get the picture. Get the CDs!

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